Engage At Scale

global brands rely on to harness
high-volume data and engage consumers everyday


With Phizzle's, you have access to SAP HANA, capable of managing and processing millions of records in real-time, allowing your business to scale without a significant data warehouse investment. Take advantage of numerous API functions to keep consumers engaged on your mobile app. Quickly build powerful and versatile apps that drive consumer engagement. 

  • will automatically create and store consumer records of each engagement, consolidating data into rich consumer profiles to provide a holistic understanding of each individual customer.
  • Highly personalized content, commerce and experiences can be efficiently delivered both in the moment and over time, triggered by specific individual behaviors and/or location

Engagement Automation

With, you can use large volumes of data more efficiently throughout your enterprise. 



  • Loyalty

  • Apple and Google Wallet Cards

  • Geo and Beacon Rewards and Offers

  • Contests, Trivia, and Voting

  • Managed SAP HANA Data Warehouse


Consumer Management

  • FanTracker

  • Genderization

  • Web Tracking

  • Data Enrichment

  • Managed SAP HANA Data Warehouse


Omni-Channel Communication

  • SMS

  • Push

  • Email

  • Managed SAP HANA Data Warehouse


Behaviors and Insights

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Entity Extraction

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Social Listening

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Managed SAP HANA Data Warehouse