Westfield Centers Spree Case Study

Westfield Centers in Northern California executed a $1000 shopping SPREE mobile marketing campaign that received over 6,000 text opt-ins, 4,538 email addresses, 3,300 “Likes” on Facebook and over 200 retweets on Twitter.

Using Mobile Marketing to Engage with Shoppers

With thousands of people walking through the Westfield Centers in Northern California on a daily basis, the world’s largest shopping center management company was looking to engage with shoppers through mobile channels. Having
a captive audience in the ‘house’ seemed like an opportunity for Westfield Valley Fair, Westfield Solano, Westfield San Francisco and Westfield Oakridge to experiment with mobile marketing, specifically a series of SMS campaigns. Westfield wanted to find a more effective, efficient and direct means of marketing to shoppers and decided that digital marketing was the answer.

Taking the First Step

The objective to engaging with Phizzle to power the SMS programs, the first mobile marketing initiative for Westfield, was to enable the shopping centers to communicate with shoppers to grow a database of mobile opted-in customers. The purpose of the SPREE SMS campaign was to provide promotional offers, to drive Facebook ‘likes’ and to grow Westfield’s subscriber database.

Using a sweepstake incentive to build their database, anyone who signed up to receive text messages was eligible to win a $1000 shopping SPREE. The campaign included a short code throughout an in-center advertising and signage campaign, encouraging people to text in to be automatically entered to win.

Using Technology to Drive Results

Utilizing a powerful digital marketing technology, Phizzle’s Campaign Manager Platform allowed Westfield to achieve its objectives – all from a single system. In total, the various Westfield Centers received over 6,000 text messages from customers opting in to receive messages within the first week of the various SPREE campaigns. Additionally, 4,538 email addresses were added to the Westfield database and Westfield Valley Fair increased their brand Facebook fan count by 3,300. Westfield Solano experienced over 200 ‘retweets’ of the SPREE campaign on its Twitter account.

Enhancing the Shopper Experience

Westfield associates its shopping centers to that of a digital living room and refers to shoppers as engaged viewers. With such a captive audience in-house, digital marketing through a mobile channel – powered by Phizzle – provided the flawless delivery mechanism to bring everyone and everything together. By taking the first step in a digital marketing strategy with the SPREE campaign, Westfield reached potential customers both inside and outside of the Center – through SMS, digital signage and social networks.