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Phizzle’s exclusive product, known as Broadcaster iX™, is a live event presentation solution for television and other broadcast media including scoreboards, digital signage and the web. Broadcaster iX™ integrates fan driven mobile and social content into broadcast and live event production.  Originally developed as a Chyron-based plugin, this simple “plug and play” solution has evolved its capabilities to include:

  • Integration with Chyron, VizRT, Harris, Deko, Daktronics and more
  • Zero-interference integration for easy work flow
  • Direct integration with the Phizzle Platform
  • Continuously renders graphics with new content/information
  • Displays dynamic messaging, sentiment, charts, data, images and video in real-time
  • Sentiment analysis and filtering capabilities for all SMS, tweets, posts, vines and pictures

Phizzle delivers high-end, easy-to-customize graphic templates for use in-arena, television or mobile campaigns, tastefully incorporating branded messages while engaging fans at more than double the industry average. Combined with our Digital Publishing Channels, Broadcaster iX™ enables brands to engage with fans in a variety of touch points.

Engage viewers to participate via SMS campaigns in stadiums, arenas, retail stores, public transportation, etc. Interactive graphic shells display dynamic real-time polling and voting results.
Captures the excitement of a live event by having viewers email pictures that are transferred into the platform for approval and live posting on screen.
Broadcaster iXTM delivers real-time voting and polling statistics from user generated text messages to any video monitor. With engagement rates exceeding more than double the industry average, Phizzle’s platform is an automated system that requires no manual operation. CLICK HERE to try it now!
Digital Signage
Launch mobile sales announcements, send sponsored alert campaigns for events, sweepstakes, and other promotions as well as conduct voting contests and trivia games.
A Phizzle live broadcast solution designed for organizations without an intelligent character generator for graphics. Uses flash technology to illustrate voting, trivia and text-back responses in real-time.
Graphic Template Module
Phizzle creates graphics for customers to use within stadium, on television or in mobile campaigns. Phizzle has developed several templates for use by uninitiated advertisers and sponsors. Alternatively, Phizzle’s platform works seamlessly with advertisers’ and sponsors’ own graphic assets, which Phizzle then converts to SMS ready Lyric Pro templates.
Twitter Feed
Include Twitter feeds to the screen alongside text messages or independently using hash tags or predetermined Twitter accounts.
Message Filter
The Phizzle platform automatically scrubs texts for predefined, undesirable words or phrases to ensure an experience the brand and the entire family will enjoy.

Client Testimonial

Phizzle’s technology allows viewers and fans to take part in polls and text in messaging and comments. We haven’t had a better way to get the fans involved in the broadcast, and we also haven’t tapped its potential.
Tom Farmer, Vice President & Executive Producer - Fox Sports Ohio

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