SMS/Text Messaging

Over 180 features and functionality, including built in TCPA compliance protocol

Social Media Management

Publish and manage social media campaigns including social curation with unlimited filtering and social listening

Mobile Web

Universal phone compatibility, integrated data fields and forms

iFrame Web Form

Turns any website experience into a data capturing opportunity


Digital gift cards that can be redeemed at any point of sale system and e-commerce site that accepts credit card.  Gift cards can be distributed via SMS, email, and social media


Suite of solutions that captures user generated content and displays it in real-time on television, digital signage and other digital channels.  Produce broadcast quality graphics, 3-D renderings, L-wrappers and bottom 3rd crawls instantly


Flexible design options (HTML) including personalization

Push Notifications

Delivery of in-app messages based upon user preferences/experiences Couponing/Gifting
Delivery of unique, redeemable gift cards with predetermined values


Flexible loyalty thresholds and rewards including integration with 3rd party solutions


Automated personalized digital autographs sent via SMS, Twitter, or email.

Location Based SDK

Low power Bluetooth & Wi-Fi beacons that identify a user’s Mac address and automate delivery of content

Augmented Reality

Utilization of a target to display unique content on any device in real-time