Engagement Automation

The next generation consumer engages with your brand through multiple channels and in their timeframe.  We believe that in order to build and maintain a long term successful relationship with each individual at scale, you must be able to engage with your customers on their terms.  This requires marketing automation, social media management, mobile marketing and a solid business intelligence tool all working seamlessly together.   

Marketing Automation

Phizzle’s marketing automation and campaign management solutions are designed to generate leads, convert prospects to customers, increase customer retention, and increase the lifetime value of your customer.

This is accomplished through the combination of managing multiple digital channels, such as email, web analytics, customer and prospect scoring, segmentation and data integration. 

Ad targeting tools delivers relevant messaging and ads based on the profile and browser based behavior.  These ads are served across all devices including the open internet.


Social Media Management

Social media channels help you understand how your customers feel about your brand and the influence they may have on a broader audience.  Our tools allow you to set up campaigns, listen and analyze the overall sentiment expressed through social media about your products and services. Gain insight into the performance of sales and marketing campaigns as well as competitive intelligence and crisis management.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing encompasses SMS, Push Notification, mobile web, SDKs, mobile gifting and QR codes for delivery of content, offers and ads.  TCPA and MMA compliance workflows are built into the campaign management platform so our customers can focus on their campaign strategy.


Business Intelligence

Embedded into the engagement automation solution is SAP’s self-service, data visualization application, Lumira.  Phizzle clients have access to Lumira, which offers a robust suite of standard dashboard and ad hoc reporting tools that deliver a real-time look into all data points associated with your business.


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