Nodejs Developer


We are a small team of developers just outside of Boulder, CO.  We work with a crazy amount of technologies from nodejs to SAP HANA.  We are heavily invested in the AWS cloud, we use almost all of their services.


We are in the process of transforming our products from a Java code base to nodejs.  We are writing everything new in nodejs, but all of our old stuff is still in Java.


Thats where you come in.  We need a few more devs to help us transform everything we have front-end and back-end to nodejs using the ExpressJS framework.  Don’t worry you don’t need to know Java, and you won’t be writing any even if you already do.   Our platform is a microservice architecture for consumer and fan engagement.  We have products that provide consumer data management, behavior and insights, gamification, and omni channel communication.   


What do we need from you?  We are not looking for a Jedi, we are looking for someone who wants to be, and strongly believes they can be, a future Jedi.  We will make you one. You need to be able to code in nodejs, and you should know what an api is, and have consumed and hopefully written some in the past.  You need to understand the different between the different layers of the stack, front-end, services, database etc…  You should be hungry to learn, confident in your abilities, but not cocky.


What are we like? We are a bit crazy.  We come up with an idea on Friday morning and have it working by Friday afternoon.  We move at an incredibly fast pace which can be overwhelming for some people.  We have a core team of very experienced developers to guide and train you along the way.  That said, you will be expected to learn on your own with our support.  We are not going to hold your hand, but we will point the way. We are also not going to hold you back.  


You will have the opportunity to learn about everything from infrastructure, high performance scalability, to integration, and much much more.  We are constantly trying out new things seeing if they work, building them to scale if they do, scrapping them and moving on to the next thing if they don’t.  We pivot a lot, a key initiative today, could change tomorrow. We all wear different hats. We encourage an open exchange of ideas and everyone's opinion matters.


We have a foosball table in the office, a very relaxed work environment, and try to keep the corporate tedium to a minimum for the dev team.   We have flexible hours and work from policy, as well as great benefits and a generous vacation policy.


If you are interested in testing your limits and pushing the boundaries of what is possible please email with your resume.