Phizzle’s mobile barcoding (QR CODES) solutions enable your customers to participate in a wide variety of campaigns by allowing a custom barcode to be generated on-the-fly and delivered to a mobile device. Using QR codes allows consumers to personally interact with the brand and be guided to specific campaign drivers, such as coupons (which can be printed out, or attached right to their loyalty rewards program at the retailer), sweepstakes, recipes or nutritional information.

The mobile barcodes can then quickly identify them at a retail point-of-sale or venue point-of-entry for further engagment via a custom loyalty campaign. Additionally, Phizzle’s uncomplicated and robust QR code generation and tracking module allows you to manage a self-service and sophisticated QR campaign– all with a few mouse clicks. Phizzle logs every time a QR code is scanned and we can even change the website a QR code directs a user to after the code has been printed.

  • Point-of-sale redemption
  • Customer loyalty
  • QR codes generation and tracking
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