Solutions Overview

Consumer Management

Extract maximum value and insight from your data through the automation of 360-degree consumer profiles, complete with real-time and historical data from all engagement channels. Use insights from consumer profiles to deliver highly targeted and personalized consumer engagement experiences that drive loyalty and revenue. Easily integrate disconnected data silos into a single, unified data warehouse with SAP HANA and other solutions.


Patent pending algorithm that combines all profiles across multiple channels using unique identifiers.


Our algorithm has the ability to look at consumer profiles and using demographic census data determine whether the user is a male or female.

Data Enrichment

Use sources such as census data to enrich profiles with genderization and other demographic information. Example: you know Bob’s name is Bob. Using census data, the profile may be enriched with the gender (male) since census data shows 85% of “Bobs” are male.

Web Tracking

Combines the power of FanTracker and google analytics to track and record web behavior of consumers as they explore your website or online product using cookies.

Behaviors and Insights

Social listening and insights enable a real-time understanding of the conversation around your brand, your competitors, or your industry’s environment, as well as where the conversation takes place and who is participating. React and respond in real-time to influence the discussion surrounding your brand, actively controlling image and reputation, and deliver contextualized messaging that speaks to consumer sentiment.

IoT Data

Gather data from connected devices to get a true view of behavior. Contact for more information.

Social Listening

Listen for terms, hashtags, phrases, and user handles on social media channels like Twitter to capture data about trends, competitor brands, sentiment, and any other important data points.

Sentiment Analysis

Looks for and uses describing terms such as like or hate to give engagement content a score on how the poster feels about the subject.

Enterprise Data

Collect data from point of sale, ticketing, and other connected systems. If you can’t find what you need in our APIs, contact us directly at


Use gamification as a tool to reach new consumers, drive interest and loyalty, and amplify engagement with your brand. Easily add loyalty, contest, and reward features into apps, and synchronize across channels to encourage sustained participation and organic behavior on social media. With digital gift cards and rewards, the gamification experience culminates at the point of sale.


Incentivize consumers to interact with your brand by including loyalty programs and rewards, you can set points for joining, tiers that include point multipliers, send offers/rewards for gaining points, and create leaderboards based on consumer points.


Set geofences that trigger actions based on people entering or leaving a specified geographical area. Send offers, email or award loyalty points based on specified geography.Contact for more details on this product.

Offers and Rewards

Deliver digital offers and/or rewards with our easy to use APIs. Integrate with our other solutions to trigger offers when most relevant to your customers.


Detect bluetooth devices within 30 feet. If a consumer has opted-in you can send them offers, sms, and others types of engagement related instantly when they are near a specified location.Contact for more details on this product.

Apple and Google Wallet Cards

Create and customize loyalty wallet cards and also create offers and rewards that can be added to a user’s Apple or Google wallet. Contact for more details on this product.

Omni-Channel Communication

Synchronize the consumer experience across the digital landscape with integrated communication channels. Using email, SMS, push notification, and social publishing tools, deliver consistent and personalized content to the consumer across all channels, ensuring a seamless, relevant, responsive approach to the brand, purchase and service experience.

Twitter APIs

Use our Twitter APIs to post tweets directly to your Twitter feed, integrating social engagement with additional channels such as email.

You can even moderate conversations using our APIs.

Push Notifications APIs

Use our push notification APIs to integrate push messaging into your engagement campaigns.

Email APIs

Create, send, manage, and track outbound email campaigns and transactional messages.

We have over 80 email APIs to help you customize the perfect campaign.


Use our SMS APIs to send texts. Or check out our SMS Marketing Solution for full campaign management capabilities.

Live Engagement and Data Visualization Tools

PhizzleCast is an end-to-end broadcast solution. PhizzleCast displays real-time viewer behavior from social media, mobile devices and mobile applications to visualize and engage audiences, bringing the digital conversation to life on screen. An innovative suite of products designed to integrate user generated mobile, social and digital data into live event production, broadcasts and any other digital publishing channel.

PhizzleCast continues to be a trusted and proven leader in on-demand graphics and real-time fan driven data integration for sports and entertainment properties. This streamlined suite of solutions incorporates data from any digital engagement channel into any broadcast workflow using two main solutions: Broadcaster iX™ and Producer iX™.

Producer iX™

Producer iXTM is an end-to-end graphic creation, asset management and play-out workflow software. PiX provides a data-integrated broadcast solution delivering a shared, cloud-based asset library and play-out environment at a fraction of the cost of expensive character generators.

Broadcaster iX™

Broadcaster iXTM is a collection of broadcast tools and API’s that integrate mobile and social data into live event production and graphics. Since its creation in 2006, BiX continues to be a simple “plug and play” product that delivers real-time fan generated data to in-house solutions, removing limitations of character generators with zero-interference integration for easy work flow. BiX seamlessly integrates into common character generating software solutions like Chyron, VizRT, Harris, Deko, Daktronics, Ross Expressions and more.