Aggregate Data at Massive Scale

Realize the power of Phizzle and SAP HANA together. Phizzle is an SAP-preferred partner solution and has certified integration with SAP HANA, along with business intelligence and data visualization from the SAP BusinessObjects™ Cloud.

Stability at Massive Scale

We enable real-time processing of millions of records generated through social media, connected devices, and commerce (online and off). Find stability, scalability, and performance improvements as high as 50x while using our solutions with in-memory databases such as SAP HANA. Every API natively is integrated with SAP HANA. Every transaction is stored in SAP HANA.





Phizzle Managed SAP HANA Cloud Environment

If you need to power of an in-memory database like SAP HANA for specific tasks, but can’t support your own instance, use ours. You can integrate with SAP HANA in days and weeks instead of months and years by using the Phizzle managed SAP HANA cloud environment.

Use with Your Instance of SAP HANA

Integrate our solutions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform or use them with SAP HANA On Premise for massive scale data aggregation and processing in real-time.

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