Make it Possible to Automate & Rely on IoT Devices in Mission-Critical Environments

Introducing the EDGMaker Software Stack

The EDGMaker Software Stack is the first resilient and self-optimizing IoT software designed specifically for edge computing. Its technology relies on innovations in Regenerative Engineering™ to solve the dual challenges of edge ecosystems - handling low powered devices and high volume data surges far from servers.

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Enabling 40-watt edge devices to operate with the server-grade performance of a 200-watt server—the EDGMaker Software Stack offers at least a 5x improvement in IoT computational efficiency

Ben Davis, Phizzle CEO: The EDGMaker Software Stack Launch

In the News

Phizzle named in The 10 Hottest IoT Startups Of 2020 (So Far)

June 15, 2020

Phizzle's EDGMaker Software Stack is highlighted with our ability to enable low-wattage edge devices to deliver server-grade performance and deliver significant operations savings.

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Press Release

May 20, 2020

Phizzle Software announces a dramatic breakthrough in edge computation that enables 40-watt or less edge devices to operate with the performance of a 200-watt server

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EDGMaker Software Stack—
The industry’s only edge decision-making solution that enables IoT devices to operate with server-grade performance.

Phizzle is the first IoT software company to break through the performance requirements of edge device computation, enabling enterprise customers to automate and rely on IoT devices in mission-critical environments.

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