Business Benefits

Increase ROI & Expand Capabilities

Strikes appropriate balance between data value and analytics acquisition

Increased data set to improve accuracy and granularity of decision making process

Accelerates Database reconciliation process

Reduce Costs

Increase data quality and accuracy

Dynamic data management expands capacity while reducing expensive in-memory footprint

Seamless integration of your data silos

Learn How Phizzle’s Database Integration & Acceleration Technology Allows You To

✓ gather data from any source at any scale
✓ process millions of records per second
✓ gain quick access to an in-memory database
✓ instantly access and analyze data

so you never have to wait to use your data.

Aggregate Massive Volumes of Data in Real-Time

The volume of data you can aggregate in real-time just got exponentially bigger. You can process millions of records per second in real-time with our proprietary architecture specifically created for high volume, small-record reads and writes. Gather data from any source, including social media, connected devices, and commerce (online and off). Find stability, scalability, and performance improvements as high as 50x while using our solutions with an in-memory database.

Cloud or On Prem

In the Cloud

If you need the power of an in-memory database like SAP HANA for specific tasks, but can’t support your own instance, use ours. You can integrate with SAP HANA in days and weeks instead of months and years by using the Phizzle managed SAP HANA cloud environment.

On Premises

Use Phizzle solutions on premises with your own in-memory data base solution such as SAP HANA for massive scale data aggregation and processing in real-time.

Technical Benefits

When Phizzle’s Data Aggregation solution is used with in-memory databases for extremely high-volume processing, crashes and row-locking are eliminated.

Transactional Data Lake

  • Allows for the creation of a transactional data lake vs. current read only alternatives

Power & Speed

  • Use our solution as a high-speed gateway into an in-memory database. Gain quick access to the power of a world-class in-memory database without the time and cost of implementation

Seamlessly Integrate External Data Sources

  • Seamless integration of Data of Record with external, third party or new internal data processes for more effective decision making

Ease of Integration with All Data Silos

  • Seamless integration with existing business processes via Database linkage

High Scale Stability

  • Process millions of records in real-time while ensuring data integrity. Prevent row-locking and stabilize in-memory database for high-volume transactions

Powerful Analytics

  • Near real-time analytics vs. historic analytics

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