Business Benefits

Reduce IoT Cycle Times

Highly optimized decision engine can process
> 1000 records per second on a single watt SBC

Operates in a resource constrained / low bandwidth environment

Proprietary execution algorithm accelerates performance far beyond simple code optimization

Complexity Simplified

Meltdown Prevention, tune logic coupling and cohesion with real-time decision making

Simple interfaces allow non programmers to rapidly adjust logic and see real time results at the edge using our decision engine

Human configured decisions combined with AI insights to provide new levels of automation

Watch How Phizzle’s IoT Edge Decision Engine Changes the Landscape For Real-time Anomaly Detection with Transportation and Connected Vehicles

✓ Processing is 100% dictated by configuration that describes the environment
✓ Automates trigger detection and handling to determine reaction to data-driven circumstances
✓ Our algorithm provides speed and scale – this demo shows 390 microseconds to process a single vehicle report in a resource constrained environment

Our IOT Edge Decision Engine detects any hazard or future hazard and alerts the driver in sub millisecond timing

Connect Siloed Data for a True 360 View of Customer Behavior

The Identity Resolution Algorithm and APIs consolidate records from any source like Social Media, IoT, and CRM into a unique profile. Sources and fields can be prioritized to create the most accurate possible profile. Use with our other solutions to ingest data at massive scale and gain deep insights.


Technical Benefits

Consolidate multiple records into a single consumer identity. Gain a 360 view of behavior for personalized engagement, more accurate customer segmentation, and increased marketing efficiency and ROI.

Data Integration

Quick API based integration of existing ecosystem of data sources (CRM, POS, Social, ERP, and more) into one unified data warehouse (such as SAP HANA in memory database).

Unified Source of Data

Access all data and data relationships in a single data warehouse.

Real-time Correlation

Each Add Activity API call will compare activity data and profile against millions of warehouse data records in order to determine if activity can be merged or linked.

Data Prioritization

Customize prioritization of data and fields to fit business needs.

API Based Data Retrieval

API based data retrieval from in-memory database for use with 3rd party data visualization software

Link Different Types of Data

Enables dynamic activity data to be linked with more static consumer profile data.

Read how we saved $1.5 million for an NBA Team

Like many organizations, NBA Team Charlotte Hornets have a siloed data landscape. Chris Zeppenfeld, a technology pioneer in the sports industry, desired a holistic picture of their customer data in order to maximize revenue and enhance the customer experience.

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