Gather Data from Any Source to Gain Deep Learning

Social listening and insights enable a real-time understanding of the conversation around your brand, your competitors, or your industry’s environment, as well as where the conversation takes place and who is participating. React and respond in real-time to influence the discussion surrounding your brand, actively controlling image and reputation, and deliver contextualized messaging that speaks to consumer sentiment.

Enterprise Data

Collect data from point of sale, ticketing, and other connected systems. If you can’t find what you need in our APIs, contact us directly at

Sentiment Analysis

Looks for and uses describing terms such as like or hate to give engagement content a score on how the poster feels about the subject.

Social Listening

Listen for terms, hashtags, phrases, and user handles on social media channels like Twitter to capture data about trends, competitor brands, sentiment, and any other important data points.

IoT Data

Gather data from connected devices to get a true view of behavior. Contact for more information.

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