Our Story

Phizzle has established itself as a leader in harnessing big data and making it actionable. Phizzle chose to first focus on an industry with customers that are prolific in their interaction with brands-Sports, Media, and Entertainment. Customers in these verticals engage with their brands more frequently and at a much larger scale than customers found in most other verticals. The result was highly targeted marketing when it was most relevant—for example, during an actual sporting event like the World Cup. The team at Phizzle knew that if they could capture and activate a solution in that sector, they could apply it to solve similar problems in any industry struggling with gathering and using big data in real-time and connecting with their customers in a highly personalized way.

The need for real-time decision making using large and complex data sets has implications across industries as varied as Energy and CPG as well as in areas such as IoT and machine learning. The underlying value that Phizzle’s phz.io solution (integrated with SAP HANA) can provide is through the integration of data driven decision making between functions such as marketing and supply chain management, ultimately enabling predictive analytics to be leveraged in a practical business environment.

Phizzle has released an engagement automation solution dedicated specifically to acting on big data with applications in marketing. It enables gamification, omni-channel communication, behavior and insights analysis, and consumer management. Brands now have the ability to gather, analyze, and use digital and real-world customer actions to increase information accuracy and monetization through Phizzle’s data aggregation capabilities, data visualization tools and social listening solutions,