Learfield Sports and Phizzle Driving Digital Engagement and Revenue

February 7, 2017

As a preferred solutions provider of digital engagement solutions for Learfield Sports, Phizzle has been conducting its own tour of college campuses this football season. With more than 30 Learfield Sports properties activating at games using Phizzle’s technology within the first year of the partnership, corporate partners and schools are reaping the rewards of how in venue activation with digital engagement opportunities are not only adding to the overall excitement at the event, but driving revenue as well. From UC-Santa Barbara to University of Rhode Island, and University of Montana to Louisiana Tech, colleges all across the country are seeing the benefits of Phizzle’s fan engagement solutions for their events and venues.

While it is too early to hand out our football awards recognizing the top Learfield Properties using our technology for activation with their sponsors, there are some schools who are getting out to a fast start this season:

University of Idaho
In support of their effort to increase the awareness of their STEM program, the University of Idaho is giving away a free semester of school with an interactive trivia segment during their football games called, “Brain Games.” Spectators test their knowledge by answering trivia questions displayed on their digital signage for a chance to win a free semester of school. The results are still being tabulated but initial benchmarks have already been surpassed and attention is now being focused on how to continue this momentum throughout the rest of the season.

Stanford University
In partnership with local pizza franchise, Pizza My HeartStanford is offering fans a way to win free pizza with a simple predict-and-win promotion. Fans text in before designated kickoffs to predict the result . If they guess correctly, they are given a free digital voucher, thanks to the Phizzle partnership with digital gift card provider, Yiftee, from Pizza My Heart. Through the first four games of activation, not only has participation doubled with each successive game, but redemption rates of the vouchers are tracking close to 20%, delivering an accurate and real ROI to Pizza My Heart, not only driving their business, but proving the value of their partnership investment withStanford.

Indiana University
With the start of their Big 10 season this past weekend, Indiana University partnered with the National Guard to drive awareness amongst the Hoosier students. With over 44,000 fans in attendance for the game, students showed their loyalty to their class by texting and participating in the “Hoosier Class” promotion, showing which class had the most students in attendance for the game. The game not only drove participation but also assisted the National Guard in connecting with students on opportunities to serve.

This drive by Learfield Sports to increase activation with sponsors at venues is proving to be a valuable source of revenue and entertainment for fans when attending games. With more than 50% of Learfield’s 99 venues expected to be up and running for the upcoming basketball season, many schools are already reaping the benefits of the partnership with Phizzle every Saturday this fall