Phizzle and SAP Announce Game Changing Data Partnership for Sports and Entertainment Industry

February 7, 2017

Today, sports and entertainment properties are being challenged to improve business performance by understanding the behavior of fans in a simple integrated solution to make smarter decisions with all of the data available on the fan.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a solution that effectively gathers every fan engagement in an enterprise or modular-based environment that emphasizes simplicity, completeness and affordability, and caters to achieving maximum results as budget and/or business goals dictate.

Until now…

Today, the Sports Business Journal published an article highlighting our new global strategic partnership with SAP delivering a truly innovative automated fan engagement solution for sports.

The integrated SAP and Phizzle technology delivers a robust fan engagement platform to consolidate all existing data sources and uniquely identify fan records. The solution provides a unified overview and deeper understanding of each fan, allowing clubs to offer their fans a more personalized experience.

The partnership delivers a recipe for success that every sports property will be able to utilize and revolutionize how they target and understand their fans. The biggest benefit is that teams are able to utilize our engagement automation solution to leverage the power of the SAP HANA® in-memory database. Now, access to our advanced marketing engagement and campaign management tools, data aggregation and management capabilities, web analytics, data visualization and social listening solutions are powered by the most robust database management solution in the world.

The biggest benefit for teams, like the Charlotte Hornets, who are the first NBA team to begin implementation, is that organizations are able to witness a complete fan profile, deriving maximized quantitative value from the multiple data sources available. Based on SAP HANA, the platform for real-time business applications, the joint solution consolidates consumer profiles, analyze and act on real-time behavior across multiple data sources to better engage fans by addressing them in a more personalized way.

We’re thrilled about our new relationship with SAP. We’ve known for some time that marketers are eager for an elegant solution that enables a complete picture of each individual customer from deep customer data. With a real-time view of their individual fans available on-demand through the Phizzle Fan Engagement Platform, marketers can deliver the personalized brand experiences on a truly personal level and at scale that wins customers for life.