Phizzle and Segmint Partner to Deliver 1-to-1 Engagements to Fans and Consumers on All Channels

Segmint, Inc., the company that securely activates enterprise data to intuitively deliver personalized engagements attributed across channels, and Phizzle, an enterprise fan and consumer engagement software company, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver consumers and fans with 1-to-1 engagements on all channels.

Leveraging Segmint’s personalized delivery system, client’s can now monetize the Phizzle technology on more channels, including their public and private websites, and the open internet.

“In today’s world, it is imperative for brands and teams to activate fans across multiple engagement channels including SMS, Social Media, Email, Second Screen and Traditional Web,” said Ben Davis, CEO of Phizzle. “Our partnership with Segmint allows us to manage the holistic consumer lifecycle and allows our clients to have the ability to fully monetize their fan base.”

Segmint will assist in delivering targeted messages via its established access to ad inventory across millions of publishers. The technology accurately, efficiently and securely delivers digital messages by anonymously assigning unique Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs®) to each customer in a client’s first party data. From there, Segmint engages with target audiences through a patented One Way Trust system, which securely delivers data-driven messages without a consumers’ Personally Identifiable Information. This creates a safe and relevant digital customer experience when leveraging data.

“Segmint’s data-driven delivery system allows brands, teams and their sponsors to easily send their customers the next best offer or engagement across all channels,” said Rob Heiser, President and CEO of Segmint. “This approach brings business back to a client by keeping their offering at the top of a customer’s mind, through relevant and targeted communications at every interaction.”

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About Segmint
Segmint, Inc. is an award-winning provider of data-driven marketing technology. The company’s solution securely activates enterprise data to intuitively deliver personalized engagements attributed across all channels. Segmint offers the only technology platform that leverages actual consumer transaction data to help marketers understand and even anticipate the needs of their target audience and serve them highly relevant and personalized advertisements at the precise moment they’re considering a purchase.  The platform delivers messages to consumers across mobile, web, and more while adhering to strict privacy and security standards. Segmint works with global market leaders including those from financial technology, registrar, insurance, and IT solutions industries, and is headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

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About Phizzle
Phizzle is an Enterprise Fan and Consumer engagement software company providing advanced multi-channel digital communication capabilities, social management tools, data visualization solutions for live production and data aggregation capabilities. The combination of these four core pillars into a single unified platform has taken a new approach to marketing automation. Founded by mobile marketing pioneer Ben Davis and based in San Francisco, Phizzle has offices in San Francisco, New York and Denver. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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