Digital Air Series

Product Launch & Live Demo  


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

10:00a (PST)

The News

Join our live product launch event and learn about The EDGMaker Digital Air Series, the first software solution on the market to remotely operate multi-vendor particle counters in scientific data applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Cecilie Carter: 


Ben Davis: 

   Scientific Data Is the Internet’s Next Frontier

 Jeff Cristee: 

Automating Particle Counters: Nearly Instant ROI

           Vijji Suryadevara:

        EDGMaker is a True Solution: Process Ready

 Ryan Brady:

    EDGMaker Digital Air Series: Live Demo


Cecilie Carter:

Q&A/Closing Remarks 



Ben Davis, CEO


Vijji Suryadevara, CPO

& Head of Engineering


Jeff Cristee, CRO

Ryan_290x277_BW-v2 (1).jpg

Ryan Brady, CTO


Cecilie Carter, Director of Marketing

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EDGMaker - Unlocking & Digitizing the Most Valuable Scientific Data in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. 

Phizzle' is the only IoT solution to remotely operate and automate multi-vendor particle counters for scientific data applications. The EDGMaker software stack offers fully digitized testing and compliance processes to reduce labor, human error, and wasted batches in regulated manufacturing. 

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