• Imagine if All Your Customer Data was in One Place

    Retail Use Case

The Phizzle Benefit

Your Customer Wins

Your customer receives

✓ help with buying decisions in real-time
✓ relevant promotions as they shop
✓ sense of connection to brand

Your Organization Wins

Leverage data intelligently to
✓ increase ROI by staying relevant
✓ decrease cost with real-time demand planning
✓ increase forecasting accuracy

The Big Data Challenge in Retail

Your Customer Data

Data is increasing in volume, velocity, and variety making real-time aggregation and analysis difficult. Customers are tweeting, posting, purchasing, emailing, shopping but how do you know which customer is doing what? With all the data sources resting in silos, getting the entire picture of your customer’s behavior remains elusive.

Your Customer

Customers increasingly expect relevant information at the relevant time. But if data can’t be acted on in real-time at the moment when customers are most likely to buy or engage–the result is frustration for your customer, and missed monetization for you.

How It Works

Customer Generates Lots of Data During the Buying Process

1. Engages with digital marketing
2. Enables geolocation and notifications on your app
3. Connects to WIFI at store, or is detected by a beacon
4. Handles product on the shelf that has sensors
5. Clicks on a relevant coupon via text or push and redeems coupon to purchases product
6. Posts on social media about your product

Siloed Data is Unified in Real-Time

1. Customer generated data rests in various unconnected silos
2. Siloed data is aggregated into a single data warehouse and linked to a customer profile in real-time
3. Data sources and fields within data records are prioritized based on reliability to yield the most accurate possible profile
4. Customer activity is linked to the their specific profile
5. Customer profile is continuously updated as new information becomes available

Accurate Data Enables Smart Engagement & Optimized Supply Chain

1. Gain accurate 360 view of customer behavior
2. Increase accuracy of when and how you market to customers
3. Optimize product offering to match customer demand and evolving needs
4. Eliminate waste by making supply chain decisions based on real-time demand data

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