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Watch How Phizzle’s SMS Marketing Platform Enables You To

✓create a variety of text campaigns
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✓build loyalty and engagement

so you can grow your business and keep your customers happy.

Create a Variety of Text Campaigns to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Phizzle’s SMS Marketing Platform is designed to offer brands the most efficient and effective means for communicating and engaging via text message on mobile phones. Phizzle’s robust platform is used by highly recognized brands.


A campaign that provides specific information about your subscribers by asking a series of questions to create more effective, targeted marketing campaigns. Information that users text back is extracted and then attached to their profile within Phizzle’s custom CRM database.

Text Back

Build phone lists and engage your audience or fan base while in stadium, during a television or radio broadcast or in print media. Also called a “Call-to-Action” or “Keyword” campaign.

Text to Win

Select a winner from several pre-identified formats – automatic winner, a specific timeframe, or every numbered entry. You can also email contacts within the organization notifying them of the winner’s information (helpful in coordinating promotions and verifying winners) as well as delivering unique SMS messages to winners and losers.


Ask multiple questions in a campaign and to reuse the same voting options in another campaign. Trivia campaigns engage a live audience, whether in a stadium, over the radio, during a television broadcast or other live event. The call-to-action with the keyword and voting options are displayed on the main scoreboard video screen, television or broadcast on the radio.

Text To Vote

Use text to vote campaigns to engage live audiences in voting/polling initiatives in a stadium, over the radio or during a television broadcast. The call-to-action with the keyword and voting options is displayed on the main scoreboard video screen, television, or broadcast on the radio.


Report a problem to security through a convenient text to instant message chat via the Phizzle platform during a live event. This secure, one-to-one chat replicates an online chat experience using SMS messaging. Fans can easily and indiscreetly report problems, issues or requests for assistance from their wireless device. All chats and submissions are tracked in Phizzle’s CRM platform for reference and serve as backup for reported incidents.

Watch how we partnered with Alabama football on a highly successful text campaign.

Robust Features to Meet any SMS Campaign Needs

24/7 Advanced Reporting

Get real ROI by understanding where your fanbase is seeing your call to action and engaging on various marketing mediums. Reporting includes total SMS, Unique opt-ins, date, time and campaign filters, mapping, voting, trivia & feedback response, detailed phone lists and segmentation.

Web Opt-In Creation

The Phizzle platform automatically generates iframe, HTML and Facebook codes that can be copied and pasted to add web op- in fields to capture subscribers directly from a website or Facebook page. While keyword opt-in is the most common form of SMS registration, Phizzle’s platform provides the ability to capture opt-ins from your online elements as well. Complete with customized data capture enables brands to align mobile initiatives with online and social channels maximizing opt-in opportunities.

Sticky Keys

“Sticky” status permits subscribers during a Feedback campaign to text in the keyword only once in response to a series of questions. Once the person texts into the campaign, they have a predetermined time frame (the “sticky time”) to complete answering the questions without having to text the keyword multiple times.

Text Blasts

Send information, alerts, mobile coupons, mobile website links instantly. Program blasts enable brands to schedule message blasts for future delivery. Track opt-ins, opt-outs and re-subscribed numbers in real-time.

Campaign Filtering

Uses the responses In the Custom Feedback and Recent Received Text Messages from each campaign to help create new phone lists for more targeted marketing. Phizzle provides rich filtering options by carrier, area code, date or opt-in method as well as the ability to create filtering criteria for customized messaging and true personalized experiences.

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