Phizzle’s Social Data Visualization Solution Enables You To

✓ display social data in real-time

✓ create compelling visuals from data
✓ integrate into live events or digital feeds

so you can use on-demand graphics to keep your fans engaged.

Display Real-Time Viewer Behavior

Our Social Data Visualization technology is an end-to-end broadcast solution. It allows you to display real-time viewer behavior from social media, mobile devices and mobile applications to visualize and engage audiences, bringing the digital conversation to life on screen. An innovative suite of products designed to integrate user generated mobile, social and digital data into live event production, broadcasts and any other digital publishing channel.

Formerly known as PhizzleCast, it continues to be a trusted and proven leader in on-demand graphics and real-time fan driven data integration for sports and entertainment properties. This streamlined suite of solutions incorporates data from any digital engagement channel into any broadcast workflow using two main technologies: Broadcaster iX™ and Producer iX™.

Broadcaster iX™

Broadcaster iXTM is a collection of broadcast tools and API’s that integrate mobile and social data into live event production and graphics. Since its creation in 2006, BiX continues to be a simple “plug and play” product that delivers real-time fan generated data to in-house solutions, removing limitations of character generators with zero-interference integration for easy work flow. BiX seamlessly integrates into common character generating software solutions like Chyron, VizRT, Harris, Deko, Daktronics, Ross Expressions and more.

Producer iX™

Producer iXTM is an end-to-end graphic creation, asset management and play-out workflow software. PiX provides a data-integrated broadcast solution delivering a shared, cloud-based asset library and play-out environment at a fraction of the cost of expensive character generators.