Engage through Contests and Rewards

Use gamification as a tool to reach new consumers, drive interest and loyalty, and amplify engagement with your brand. Easily add loyalty, contest, and reward features into apps, and synchronize across channels to encourage sustained participation and organic behavior on social media. With digital gift cards and rewards, the gamification experience culminates at the point of sale.

Offers and Rewards

Deliver digital offers and/or rewards with our easy to use APIs. Integrate with our other solutions to trigger offers when most relevant to your customers.


Incentivize consumers to interact with your brand by including loyalty programs and rewards, you can set points for joining, tiers that include point multipliers, send offers/rewards for gaining points, and create leaderboards based on consumer points.


Detect bluetooth devices within 30 feet. If a consumer has opted-in you can send them offers, sms, and others types of engagement related instantly when they are near a specified location.Contact sales@phizzle.com for more details on this product.


Set geofences that trigger actions based on people entering or leaving a specified geographical area. Send offers, email or award loyalty points based on specified geography.Contact sales@phizzle.com for more details on this product.

Apple and Google Wallet Cards

Create and customize loyalty wallet cards and also create offers and rewards that can be added to a user’s Apple or Google wallet. Contact sales@phizzle.com for more details on this product.

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